Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Book Week 2014 - Little Red Riding Hood

Book Week - I love it!

Following a tutorial  I found posted here (thank you Pinterest) I was able to hand make Lexi's cape.
I used this skirt pattern for her skirt, although I left of the bow at the back and made it longer.
Her Big Bad Wolf and Grandma came from good old Ikea!
The basket was salvaged from the mess under her bed ;)

I was pretty happy with the end result and little miss received a prize for her efforts (a book).
I loved how the school really got in to it (so many more dressed up than I imagined), and the teachers really put in heaps of effort.  Lexi's teacher went as Willbee the Bumblebee, which Lexi was super chuffed about as that is one of the books she loves. I think the most heartwarming thing of the day though, was that there were around 3 or 4 kids in Lexi's class who weren't sent in costumes and her teacher had back ups on hand to dress them in so they weren't left out <3

Anywho... this one's all about the pics.  I won't share many, just her costume, as there are a lot of (other peoples) kids in them.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Alexis - 12 June

12 June - Swinging
I had a shoot this afternoon and you required a good run about to let off some steam so you came to the park, too... it has only been a short school week and you've been a right little rat for your teacher all week. Misbehaving, not listening, getting in to things and being in "Lexi-land"... you had been so good all term, we have been a bit disappointed!!! You have SO much energy, but today we ran you wild until you were absolutely STUFFED! You love going to park, though you struggle to just pick one thing and stick with it. And you really dislike playing alone, trying to convince other children that they really want to be your best friend! You had a blast though, and took all of about 2 minutes to fall asleep!!! Mission accomplished.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Alexis - 11 June

11 June - something special from your brother

On our drive home from school Zavian told you he had made something special for you today at Bunnings craft. He goes a bit crazy without you when you are at school, and he's always thinking of you and worried about you missing out. We weren't allowed to leave today until he made you a door-hanger, too. You were so excited and grateful when he took you to your door and showed you what he made. More so you were excited to see your name on it! I loved the way you thanked him and hugged him and showed him you were grateful. You are a wonderful big sister to your brothers.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Alexis - 10 June

10 June - Bookworm
Homework at times is stressful and painful here, but sometimes you decide to take it in to your own hands and I will find you writing out your sight words, going over your red words, or like this afternoon, perched on your bed reading one of your home readers. You have both impressed and amazed me at how well you remember your books, and how quick you pick up new words. I am so proud of you. You love books, and I can't wait until you can read them properly and get the true enjoyment out of them.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Alexis - 09 June

09 June - special visitor
You love everyone. But then there are some people you love more than most. Uncle Monkey fits in to the category of being one of your all time favourite people. He surprised you with a visit today during his visit from NSW and you were so excited, you have missed him so much! You had a great afternoon mucking around outside with him playing on the trampoline and with the air canon and best of all, being Queens Birthday, you did his hair and gave him a tiara. Only fitting. You are very blessed to have an Uncle who lets you do that!!!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Alexis - 08 June

08 June - little miss poser

Today was SO hard to pick out a photo, as we took a whole heap today! You had a great day for the most part, minus one epic tantrum. We headed up to Mount Tamborine and had a lovely time at the markets, the most enjoyable part for you being a ride on a pony. The last time we went you were terrified (and it was $2 cheaper!) but this time you we confident and excited. You waved at everyone like you were the queen being chauffeured around! We had a great lunch at the St Bernard Hotel, where you met a huge St Bernard dog that you were happy to look at from afar... he was bigger than the pony you rode! The afternoon was spent taking photos and playing at the Botanical Gardens. You are such a poser. It's the reason I picked this photo, you are being so YOU. You are always posing, waving, performing. In fact you are doing your little dance you learned for the can festival here because it was SO much more fun than playing with the leaves like I asked haha. As frustrating as it can be, I do love the way you do your own thing when I want photos!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Alexis - 07 June

07 June - reading Joycee's book in the big bed

We have interstate visitors this long weekend. AuntyCaterina and Isabella, and Great-Grandma Joycee. Cat & Isabella are in your room so you've decided you are having sleepovers with Joycee on the airbed down in the studio. When I snuck down to see if you were asleep, you were propped up "reading" Joycee's novel that she left on the pillow!! So cheeky and independent going to sleep down in the studio by yourself, but to read a big book too? Slow down, baby girl. Slow down. xx
PS. You were most unimpressed that I took a photo of your hair once your plaits were out. You call it your "crazy hair" and you hate it hahaha.